Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Highlights from Feminism & Co.

Every spring, Feminism & Co. brings together artists, writers and all manner of scholars to discuss issues around women and gender. This is not your mother’s feminist lecture series. The topics discussed this year included rocket fuel ingredients in breast milk, the resurgence of roller derby in
women’s sports, the reclamation of sex crime transcripts in contemporary art and the presence of women in the blog-o-sphere. This three-minute video captures some of the highlights of the series.

The clips reel features (in order of appearance) film scholar Melinda Barlow, science writer Florence Williams, aikido practioner and artist Harmony Hammond, boxing coach L.A. Jennings, blogger Ann Little (of Historiann), blogger Heather Janssen (of Get Born), artist Maya Gurantz, blogger Ellina Kevorkian (of Violet Against Women), roller derby-ist Samantha Rose (a.k.a. Frack Attack), blogger Ru Johnson (of Westword) and sports scholar Sarah Fields. Kim Shively of Milkhaus shot and edited the piece. Whew. Fun season.


Anna Schafer said...

Go on and check it out: Feminism in the Light of the Gospel, by B. Kent Harrison and Mary Stovall Richards feminism

Amlon Terence said...

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