Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drawing Drawing

At the Karen Kilimnik opening on March 2, we hosted a Drawing Drawing (a drawing contest), in which our curator, Nora Burnett Abrams, selects one winner and one runner-up. The winner receives a critique of their drawing and a dual/family membership. The runner-up just gets a critique. The winning drawing, by Ruby, age 8, from Denver, is above.

Here's what Nora had to say:
This is a playful drawing. I like that we can interpret what these clouds might be saying to each other, though no words are written. I also like that the playfulness is countered by the way she stayed within the lines of the page--experimentation within a constrained space.
And now the runner up by Ian, age 35, from Denver:

Nora offered this critique:
I like the rhythm of the pattern that he created. It's like the colors are gently, slowly raining down the page. Though the colors are applied arbitrarily, there is a delightful order to the composition.
Enter your own Drawing Drawing in the MCA Café from 10AM-7PM at our next opening on Saturday, May 4 in celebration of Eduardo Sarabia's exhibition Tainted.


Unknown said...

I love them both. Ruby's reminds me of a story I used to make up for my little girl about "Puffy the cloud" and his adventures. Just riffed off cloud shapes for my daughter and she loved it.

Totally agree with the critique of both fine pieces.

This is just another reason to love the MCA in Denver! I'll be back this summer.

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