Friday, February 22, 2013

Drawing Drawing

At the Patti Hallock/William Lamson/Ladies Fancywork Society opening last month, we hosted a self-portrait contest (a "drawing drawing"), and the winner we selected is above. As promised, the winner received a critique by museum curator Nora Burnett Abrams (as well as a dual/family membership to the museum).

Here's Nora's critique: 
What a bold image! The Picasso-like portrait is both playful and vibrant. I particularly enjoy the contrast between the abstractly rendered mouth and the geometric bow placed just off-center on her head. The artist has a confident use of line and is a lovely colorist. 
We had so much fun with Nora's first critique that we asked her to do two more.

Nora had this to say: 
I love the bold color and the delightful detail of the figure's handbag. This drawing has so much personality, despite its more restrained form.

Nora's thoughts for this one: 
What a great beard! The contrast between the refined eyebrows and the bushy beard offers a fun play on texture. 
Drawing Drawings will return at our next opening on Saturday, March 2. Thanks for playing, everyone.


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