Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hibiscus' scrapbook

Hibiscus (George Harris III)
Scrapbook (detail), 1966-68
Mixed media scrapbook, 8 x 10 in (closed)
Private collection

Below are selected pages from a scrapbook created by Cockettes founder Hibiscus (George Harris III) between 1966-1968. According to Ann Harris, the scrapbook was a compilation of notes, scores and studies for his performances, and many of the pages list which performance they relate to.

Hibiscus died of AIDS on May 6, 1982. His scrapbook is one of the few remaining artifacts from his life.

All pages digitally photographed by Richard Peterson, 2011. Courtesy Ann Harris.


WMH said...

The 60s also gave us Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, the feminist and environmental movements, the anti-war movement, The Beatles and a lot of other great music, youth empowerment, the moon landing, lasers, satellite communication, the first heart transplant, and 32 countries gained independence from their colonial rulers.

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