Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please welcome new Curatorial Assistant Sonya Falcone

Recently, our former Curatorial Assistant Tricia Robson moved on to Google. Stepping expertly into the vacant role we have Sonya Falcone, formerly of Platform 5280- Biennial of the Americas. Sonya was so kind as to accept my request for an interview, MCA Denver-style.

If you were a fruit, which fruit would you be and why?
A clementine – they love winter and they have the coolest name.

I’ve noticed your cubicle is still a little bare. Guess you are too busy to decorate! If you could have any artwork for your desk, what would it be? Size doesn’t matter, we can get you a bigger desk.
Can we set up my desk in one of the Raphael rooms at St. Peter’s?

Name one of your favorite places in Denver, besides the museum of course. 
Little Man ice cream.

What would you like to be doing forty years from now? 
Living on a lake with a big garden and a great dane (the kind with cow spots).

Please talk about someone from elementary school you still remember.
My elementary school music teacher, Dr. McCaskill, was such a cool lady that the kids in my 5th grade class would come to school an hour early for choir practice. Our performance of The Pirates of Penzance was unforgettable.


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