Friday, November 2, 2012

Ouija Interview with Clyfford Still

Our first Ouija interview, with Andy Warhol, met with moderate success (or at least coherence), so Alex and I thought we'd try to interview another dead artist: Clyfford Still. MCA Denver is headed to the Clyfford Still Museum tonight for Art Fitness Training, so it seemed like the right time. 

We lit three tea lights and repeated Clyfford Still's name three times. 

Jesse Leaneagh: Clyfford, thank you for being present. What do you think of Denver now that you live here? 

Ouija: [Silence]

JL: Clyfford Still are you here? 

Ouija: [Silence]

JL: I wanted to ask why you didn't want a café at your museum. 

Ouija: [Nothing]

JL: Because sometimes your paintings make me hungry. 

Ouija: [Still nothing]

JL: Patricia Still? Are you here? 

Ouija: No

Alex Stephens: Are there any spirits with us tonight? 

Ouija: Yes

AS: Who is this?  

Ouija: Sekox

JL: "Sekox"? Are you a gay spirit? 

Ouija: No

JL: Ok, just checking. Do you know who Clyfford Still is? 

Ouija: No

JL: Um, ok. Who is your favorite artist? 

Ouija: Rothko

JL: Oh, we love Rothko. Are you Mark Rothko? 

Ouija: No

JL: Um, okay last question, if you were a vegetable what vegetable would you be? 

Ouija: Beets. 

AS: Thank you spirit. 

Mark Rothko photo by Henry Elkan, courtesy Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Rudi Blesh Papers


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