Monday, September 10, 2012

MCA Goes Everywhere: Awards, Adam & Filthy Bunnies

  • Michael Paglia, of Westword writes a review of Continental Drift, the exhibition at MCA Denver which features the work of seven Colorado artists who each are exploring ideas of space.
  • Sandra Fettingis, gifts buyer at MCA Denver, starts a new program highlighting the excellent local designers featured in the museum shop. As this Westword article points out, Design Within Denver showcases a new designer on the second and fourth Friday of every month.
  • Looking for something to do on Friday night? The Denver Post suggests you visit MCA Denver's zany program Black Sheep Friday, which this season will feature Cosby Con – a drop-in Friday event featuring pudding pops, jello shots and a sweater contest.
  • Just Vote. Art Prize Grand Rapids doesn't care about Barack or Mittens, they want you to Vote Art 2012. Michigan visitors can register to pick the ten winners of the 19 day exhibition. And while you are checking out the art, be sure to drop in on Saturday, Sept. 15 to hear MCA Denver Director Adam Lerner speak about Art Fitness Training. I'll be there too, to answer the questions you are too shy to ask Adam.


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